Step 1- Download Who? from the App Store or Google Play for free.

 Download the App from your appropriate App Store!

Download Who? the Game, play it with your Facebook friends!    Download Who? the Game, play it with your Facebook friends!

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Step 2 - Invite Facebookfriends

After you installed the game you're ready to play your first game of Who? Invite your Facebookfriends by clicking the New Game button. 

You see all of your Facebookfriends so you can play against any opponent that you wish. We've made the distinction between friends that already installed Who? and other Facebook friends. When a Facebookfriend doesn't have the game yet, you will send an invite with a Facebook message.

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Step 3 - Choose game type

Everybody can play a normal game of Who? against a Facebook friend, the object of the game is to guess which target your opponent has by asking smart questions using every bit of information that you know about your (mutual) Facebook friends.

When you are a premium user of Who? you can play the unique game type: Double Trouble. You have to guess two targets, so think wisely what you ask! The default questions like "Is it a man" or "Does he wear glasses" won't help you that much

Step 4 - Ask question

When your opponent accepts the invite of a game of Who? you can ask questions to determine which target your opponent has. You can select an icon which represents a question like "Am I a man" or "Do I wear glasses" or you can type your own smart question.

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Step 5 - The answer to your question

While you wait for your opponent to answer the question that you asked, you can see the moves that your opponent makes while you have a peek at your opponents play board. 

This gives the extra suspens to the game, because you have a visual conformation on how far your opponent is in determining their target!

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When your opponent answers your question you can put down the tiles that can't be your target. You can always review all the answers that your opponent already has given. 

If you think that you know who your target is, you can longpress (hold the picture for a couple of seconds) the tile that holds the image of your target.

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Play hints or use chat during a game

When you first download the game you have ten hints that you can use during your games of Who?. In every turn against a opponent you can play one hint when there are at least 6 tiles standing on the game board.

When you're out of hint credits, you can of course buy a pack of new hint credits.

Upgrade to premium

When you like Who? you can try the premium version for only $ 1,99 (€ 1,79). With this premium version you are able to initiate a game of the unique type Double Trouble. You get 25 extra hint credits, you're allowed to play up to 100 games simultaniously and there will be no ads in the game ... never!