Frequently asked questions

Here you can find our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). We've tried to answer as much questions as we could come up with. 

If you have a question that is not on the list, please tell us at

Q: I'm having trouble signing in with Facebook

A: If for some reason you can't login with Facebook try doing the following:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Scroll to the section with Twitter and Facebook and select Facebook
  • Select your name or the name used on Facebook
  • Tap delete account (note: This will only remove the settings from your device. Your account or any other data is not deleted of Facebook.)
  • Tap delete to confirm
  • Close the Settings app
  • Open Who?
  • Sign in with Facebook, this will direct you to the Facebook app or Facebook website
  • When Who? is signed in, go back to Facebook in the Settings app and login again

Q: Can I remove games from the list of completed games?

A: Sure, just swipe from left to right on the specific game on the game list and click on the x

Q: I can't start a game because none of my friends are playing Who?

A: Inviting friends to play Who? is very easy. Just tap on the new game button. You see a list of all your Facebook friends with the friends that allready are playing Who? on top. Click on play and send a game invite with Facebook. When this person accepts, the game is immediately setup so that you can play!

Q: How many games can I play at the same time in the Free version?

A: In the free version it's possible to play 10 games with your Faceboook friends at the same time. If you want more, just upgrade ... then you can play up to 100 games simultaniously.

Q: Can I view the tutorial again?

A: Check settings (the dice) and click on tutorial. You can watch it over and over again.

Q: Can I block users who are using profane language in the chat?

A: If you send us a screendump ( of the chat we will shut down that user for you!

Q: I cannot purchase a Premium edition or extra Hints, it says: 'In-App purchase not allowed'.

A: Open Settings on your device. Go to General and tap on Restrictions and set In-App Purchases to 'on'.

Q: Why should I upgrade to Premium?

A: With Premium you can initiate Double Trouble, a unique feature of Who? You get 25 extra hints for use in the games, you are able to play up to 100 games at the same time and Who? will be ads free ... indefinite.

Q: Premium is gone after I reinstall the game. What can I do?

A: If you reinstall Who? or install it on more devices, you can activate premium. Go to settings (the dice) and click Restore purchases.

Q: I lose a lot of games. Can you help me?

A: Yes, try using hints! A hint eliminates some tiles that aren't turned yet. You can play one hint per turn! You can't play a hint when only 5 tiles are left.

Q: How do I choose a target?

A: If you think that you know how your target is, you can select the target by longpressing (hold the tile for several seconds).

Q: Can I see which questions I already asked?

A: Sure you can. If you are in the screen where you can ask a question (with the default icons or your own typed question) you have an icon that looks like booklet (lower left corner). When you click this, you can see all the asked questions and answers!