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Who? are we ...

Who? is developed by six Dutch friends. 

Toffe Gasten is a company that sets up brainstorms and workshop courses for companies who want to increase their customer service.

FrisBEE BV is a company that creates websites, iOS and Android Apps, webbased solutions.


Rob doesn't have glasses and becomes 40 years old this year. Some people think that Rob is part of the team for his looks, but he is also lead programmer for the iOS games and has more than 3 years experience in developing complex iPhone and iPad Apps. 

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René is 35 years old, has red hair and is very creative and is infectious enthousiastic! He is our out-of-the-box thinker ... and that's nice because his goal is to market the App with zero budget ;-)

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Barry is 34 years old, wears glasses and has great dance moves. He dislikes mainstream music and is our lead graphic designer and therefor responsible for the looks of Who?. 

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Mandy is 37 years old and wears glasses just like Barry. With her obsessive wish for structure and lists she brought rest and guidance for the complete project!

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Robin is our Android programmer and mostly responsible for programming the backend of our game handling. He has no beard and is 25 years old. If you have a question about TV-series or games, he's your guy!

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Elco used to have brown hair and is 38 years old. Together with René he is responsible for marketing the App and tries to plan all Who? activities within a greater vision. 

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